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Where positive change meets boundless potential! We are thrilled to extend a warm greeting to all our esteemed visitors, as we embark on a journey of transformation, innovation, and collective impact.​At Impact Global, we firmly believe that every action, no matter how small, has the power to create ripples of change that can shape our world for the better. Whether you are an impassioned entrepreneur, a dedicated philanthropist, a forward-thinking investor, or simply an individual with a burning desire to make a difference, you have come to the right place.

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To holistically develop and advance a more diverse workforce by empowering marginalized, historically excluded, underserved, and disadvantaged Individuals who are the most vulnerable and at risk of systemic barriers resulting in preventing people from believing in themselves to succeed; as well as providing resources that promote responsible self-development and increased skills that lead to a more informed & equipped diverse community

At Impact Global, we are on a mission to holistically develop and advance a more diverse workforce, empowering marginalized, historically excluded, underserved, and disadvantaged individuals. However, we can't do it alone. We need your support to provide the vital capital necessary to fuel our programs and bring about lasting change

We are dedicated to supporting and empowering underserved individuals, offering a second chance at life & purpose. Our comprehensive programs focus on providing crucial training, mentorship, resources & support to help gain the skills and confidence needed to build a better future
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A vision of creating a future where resiliency knows no boundaries, where re-entry into society becomes a gateway to success, and where the voices of the underserved, including rural and minority populations, are amplified. we have dedicated ourselves to supporting and empowering these underserved individuals, offering them a second chance at life. Our comprehensive programs focuses on building relationships built with Respect & Support which include crucial one-on-one , mentorship, and resources to help them gain the skills and confidence they need to build a better future who believe in the transformative power of opportunity and are dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of those facing adversity

Building Bridges to Resilience as we Transform Lives Together

How You Can Help

There is still so much work we need to do as we catch up to the existing labor shortages. You can get involved by donating to IMPACT Global. Volunteering as a Mentor with your time, talent, networks, resources, and expertise

Thank you for all your support and donations as we continue to Invest in People. Help us beat the "Great Resignation" which was fueled by many tradesmen taking early retirement, wanting to work from home, or finding less labor-intensive jobs.


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 8 million skilled-labor jobs were lost from the labor force during the pandemic. About half have been filled, but about 4 million vacancies remained in industries responsible for most transportation, construction, healthcare, and mechanical needs nationwide. The labor market is rapidly shifting. The expectations and challenges employers were dealing with have been upended by the pandemic and the “Great Resignation”.


At IMPACT we will help to better prepare Workers to have a clear idea of the job they’ll perform, the training they’ll receive, and the potential for advancement which results in being more likely to stay on a job. A strong onboarding Prep program will focus on the individual and is key when it comes to Training that develops future workers. Not only do they tend to stay, but this process also creates a pipeline of skilled workers who can fill open positions created by retirements and other turnover. Upskilling and reskilling are incremental in building new competencies among employees and dealing with skills shortages.


What We Do

Online courses and assessments to drive personal development


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Every donation you make helps us to conduct research, outreach, recruitment of participants, provide a training lab with materials, reach the under-served, disadvantaged communities, provide resources of training, support, education, and opportunity.


What People Say

Impact Global LLC. helped guide me towards the right career path. They had great expertise and knowledge and also motivated me!

- Scott Riley
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