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Career Readiness & Assessments
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IMPACT Global is partnering with The DeBruce Foundation to help Career Seekers expand their career pathways. Raise your career literacy in just 10 minutes by taking the Agile Work Profiler

Are you curious where you can leverage your strengths and interests in the workforce, how to speak confidently about your strengths and skills in the workplace, or what it takes to reach your career goals? Get started by taking the Agile Work Profiler, developed by The DeBruce Foundation. Sample promotion language for the Agile Work Profiler, Career Explorer Tools, and Draw Your Future with Agilities on your website or newsletter: Discover Your Career Potential in 10 Minutes or Less with the Agile Work Profiler© The Agile Work Profiler (AWP) is a career exploration tool that helps you discover career related Agilities that you can use to prepare for a fulfilling and successful future. Agilities are determined by your strengths, talents, and interests and will help you make informed decisions when choosing an area of interest for college or when deciding career paths you may want to pursue!

Agile Work Profiler

The Agile Work Profiler is a free, online career tool developed by The DeBruce Foundation. In 10 minutes or less, the Agile Work Profiler provides you with a ranked list of your strengths and interests – your Agilities – as they relate to the workforce.  

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